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We believe in equal learning opportunities around the world. Our qualified instructors design courses that are easily accessible to everyone. You can download free resources during each course for better learning. We are dedicated to bring more courses so you can have a larger variety of courses to choose from.

You don’t just learn, you also get a certificate upon completing the course. Later on, you can show these certificates when applying for jobs ahead.

Early Education

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A snapshot of our collective achievements, made possible through dedication and teamwork


International institutions

Celebrated with distinguished awards in early education, testament to our dedication to innovative teaching methods and excellent child care.


Learner ratings

With a parent rating of 4.8/5, our preschool provides a nurturing and educational environment for young learners.


Courses taken

Over 5000 young learners nurtured, showcasing our preschool’s commitment to early childhood development and preparing children for future education.


Educated Kids

Nurturing over 10,000 young minds with our engaging preschool programs, fostering early childhood development.

Going for courses was hard for me especially during Covid19. I finished three courses from this team and all of them were very well structured!


Teacher, KidMinders

I always wanted to complete my masters degree that I had to leave in the middle. This course provided me with the perfect opportunity to do so!

Thomas Smith

Teacher, KidMinders

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